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Management association

The Management Association

The management association of the SENGHOR school is made up of volunteer parents elected during the general assembly in the fall. It is organized into 4 areas of activity (HR area, finance area, works area and entertainment area).

The Managing Association:

  •     Ensures the management of the establishment
  •     Ensures the security and continuity of the proper functioning of the establishment
  •     Participates and contributes to the development of development axes and strategies for the establishment
  •     Participates in the organization of the main events punctuating the life of the school (welcome aperitif for new arrivals, Christmas party, school fair, etc.)

Its composition for the 2022/2023 school year:

President: Mathieu BOULENGUIEZ

Vice-President: Nathalie SANGUINETTI

Treasurer: Vincent GUILLOT

Vice-Treasurer: Caroline FAIRIER

Secretary: Elodie LAISSY

Deputy Secretary: Anaïs THABAULT

Members: Fatima DARCHI, Maëlle JEANROY, Victor GUERIN